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We are no longer accepting customers for attracting Real Followers & we no longer associate with Instagram™.

As always our support is 24-7, you can contact us at for anything.

New! We are helping influencers create the best content ever. With our new Unlimited Graphic Design service at MegaDesign.

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Unlimited Graphic Design

How can Mega Design help you grow your audience?

After years of growing accounts, the most important thing has never changed, it’s the importance of quality content creation, content that your followers will engage your audience with your posts.

With how competitive social media has become, your content is going to seperate you from everyone else coping each other. Being unique, with the highest quality uploads will help you attract more real followers, and your content go viral!

This is why MegaDesign™ was created, to help others dominate, with affordable unlimited graphic design for a set price.

How much does Mega Design cost?

Mega Design is extremely affordable, with USA based Designers. We price ourselves in being a no brainer choice, we will save you thousands in professional design jobs. Mega Design pricing starts from as low as $149 per month (Unlimited Graphic Design Per month)

Have a look at our portfolio

We have some happy customers, and have a 100% money back refund. You can easily view our portfolio here and view current work we have completed. If you are unhappy with a design, you can simply request a revision, we will be sure to make it perfect!

High quality uploads

Did you know that unique, high quality content can help the chances of your uploads going viral?! This is one of the best ways to get famous fast and attract a lot of followers to your Social Media profiles. Content is king, and its important you take this seriously, and have a strategy and stick to it.

Client limit cap (Limited slots avaliable)

Megadesign is only accepting a maxim of 320 customers, because currently this is all we can cater for, with the amount of designers we have. This means its first in first served. We will only be allowing the highest trained designers go live with customers using megadesign. So once all the 320 slots are full, we will close sign ups, until we have more designers running. Get your subscription, while we are not full.

Dashboard to manage requests.

When signing up to megadesign you get a client dashboard, where you can easily manage, current, previous and revision design requests. You can speak directly to designers from your dashboard, this means you can always ensure things are ontime, and find your megadesigns easily in one place! This is perfect for agencies managing design requests for multiple clients. (Yes, this is allowed!) You can view everything for the likes of billing and contact information too.